Brendan T Murren

January 12, 2019




With deepest sorrow, we announce that Brendan T. Murren, beloved first-born son of Kathleen P. Tighe and Michael J. Murren, passed away suddenly on January 12, 2019. He is survived by his parents, brother Colilin J. Murren and sister Keira M. Murren, grandfather Thomas B. Murren and his wife, Dorothy Murren, all of Trumbull, CT. He is also survived by many uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews.


Brendan was a bright light in this world, and all who knew him felt the authenticity, deep warmth and extreme kindness of his unique and joyful spirit.  His smile was radiant and infectious, revealing his innate positivity and passionate love of life and the people in it. This is especially true of his family, whom he loved with all his heart. He showed this love to them constantly throughout his life, giving selflessly his presence, understanding, help and humor. Reliable, caring and strong, Brendan was considered ‘the rock” of the Murren family.  A loving son, Brendan’s integrity, his “heart of gold” and his many other gifts were a source of great pride and happiness to his parents.


To his siblings, Brendan was a role model who imparted the values of caring, helpfulness, hard work, independence, family unity, honesty, courage, open-mindedness and living life to the fullest. Brendan was their trusted ally and motivator. He made them laugh and lifted their spirits.  They enjoyed a tight bond and powerful love that made them one, a bond that will never be broken. 


Brendan was blessed with many friends with whom he shared many of his passions - nature and the outdoors, travel and adventure, and sports. He loved skateboarding and became an avid snowboarder. Growing up, he and his friends played Trumbull Lacrosse. He developed such love for the game that he created an adult pick-up Lacrosse game so he could still play and recently coached youth LaCrosse. Some of his most cherished times with his friends were the many trips they took together, from Mt. Washington to Miami Beach and numerous places in between. 


Brendan was a creative soul. He had great skill and passion for cooking and was always trying out new recipes. He loved to make things with his hands and spent a lot of time in his workshop building things, such as a jump ramps to practice snowboarding. He was also a graphic designer who designed his own “203” company logo for t-shirts and accessories that were enjoyed by many.


Brendan was pursuing his educational goals and while working at various jobs that enabled him to use his exceptional people skills. His outgoing personality, strong work ethic and sharp mind made him a natural in this role and gained him great esteem.


In the 24 years he was with us, Brendan gave us a lifetime of happy memories, inspiration and treasured moments. His friends will miss his “What’s up, boys!” greeting and the broad smile that accompanied it. We will all miss his enthusiastic personality that enlivened us daily. His contagious laugh, his ever-present kindness, the true sweetness of his nature, every aspect of his bright and beautiful soul, will be deeply missed by all who knew him. We take comfort in the fact that Brendan will be re-united with his loving grandparents Brendan P. Tighe, Mary Tighe and Rose M. Murren, as well as family members and friends of his who passed before him. Our Brendan will always be with us, as we are eternally bound by our love and spirit.


His family appreciate all who donated to his gofundme page. Thank you all from the bottom of our broken hearts.

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